Comic Fiesta 2014


27 & 28 December 2014

Otaku's favourite events have arrived! :D This is the place where cosplayers, gamers, anime lovers gathered..ufufu..

CF is an annually events. The tickets are sold for RM20 per day and you can get the tickets as follows.

It is better to get early birds tickets or of you are interested in captain pack why not right? Because if you want to get on-site tickets you have to be really reallyyyyyy patient! Why? Coz the queue is very veryyy longggggg...

Just look at the line!

Luckily we have early bird tickets, although we have to queue but those with early birds tickets can enter earlier :D 

Early bird tickets

This year management of CF is not okay I think.. The arrangement of game stage, the performance stage is quite ermmm tak sesuai? Facing the entrance directly and create crowded environment and the perfomance stage is at level 3 which on the second day, many could not see the performance as the hall was full. 

But, I did enjoy myself there though :) Can't wait for next year! Hope it will be more entertaining as last year...

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Travel : Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia


3 Nov - 7 Nov 2014 (Two days at Jakarta and three days at Bandung)

Travel through Air Asia, we were a bit unlucky because after we purchase our flight tickets, Air Asia have promotion for free seat! T^T 

Jakarta most likely similar to KL. Just much more traffic and too pack! You can have a heart attack if you sit beside the driver seat. Haha.. But people there are so skillful that you can't see merely an accidents. Its rare to see one if you compared to Malaysia. In Jakarta we stay at Madu Inn. We travel in a group of six but only booked two rooms at the Hotel. It's a forbidden things you know? Luckily we are safe as we just stay for one night. But in Bandung, we have to rent extra rooms. If the hotel state that the room is only for two people, then it is for two people ONLY. 

We ate at Masakan Padang Restoran Sederhana which the price is quite cheap. We don't explore Jakarta too much and the next day we already went to Bandung by train. The train ticket cost RM 21 if i'm not mistaken. 

Before boarding train to Bandung
At Bandung we stayed at New by Moritz (just okay, wifi and breakfast provided). It is located near Pasar Baru, shopping heaven to shopaholic! Here, we went to Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih. Both one different day as it located one on south and one on north. The fees may have a drastic change, so you might need to check the latest fees. Using 'supir' at Bandung gives easiness to move around. You can also ask for recommendation and suggestion regarding places to go and eat. :)

Tangkuban Perahu
Kawah Putih

Actually there are still a lot to tell..but not today :p

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Book Review : A Street Cat Named Bob


I started reading this book few weeks ago when I came across James and Bob video on Youtube. They're so cute! When I know they have produced some books I tried to find it on MPH Online and directly bought it.. :D

and I become one of their biggest fans of course!

Who are they?

James Bowen: A recovering drug addicts that have been living on the street for quite a long time.
Bob: A ginger stray cat that came across James's life when he was found injured.

The story began on 2007 when James Bowen found Bob at his block injured and after some times he decided to treat Bob using his last penny. After that, Bob showed his loyalty by staying at James side and they began their journey together. Bob favourite place at James apartment is near the radiator, where he can kept himself warm all the time. James also took some actions to make Bob his, such as inserting chips inside Bob in case Bob gone missing. It has happens before as Bob was frighten of fierce dog and he disappeared. Luckily, he hides himself at one store and the workers was very genuine as they took Bob and wait until his owner arrived. 

Apparently, Bob appearance on London streets make him to be a star. Generous people stop to take pictures and some regular fans also brings foods, toys and stuffs especially to Bob. Most people find it attractive but there are always people that thinks otherwise. There are some dangerous situation that they have to faced and they successfully faced it together. :) This is only the first book about their amazing story! 

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