Comic Fiesta 2014


27 & 28 December 2014

Otaku's favourite events have arrived! :D This is the place where cosplayers, gamers, anime lovers gathered..ufufu..

CF is an annually events. The tickets are sold for RM20 per day and you can get the tickets as follows.

It is better to get early birds tickets or of you are interested in captain pack why not right? Because if you want to get on-site tickets you have to be really reallyyyyyy patient! Why? Coz the queue is very veryyy longggggg...

Just look at the line!

Luckily we have early bird tickets, although we have to queue but those with early birds tickets can enter earlier :D 

Early bird tickets

This year management of CF is not okay I think.. The arrangement of game stage, the performance stage is quite ermmm tak sesuai? Facing the entrance directly and create crowded environment and the perfomance stage is at level 3 which on the second day, many could not see the performance as the hall was full. 

But, I did enjoy myself there though :) Can't wait for next year! Hope it will be more entertaining as last year...

Thank you for reading!

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